Quit the Firm Join a Band

We’re all about the new culture of success where we turn your daydreams into reality, your frustration into power, and your hope into progress.

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About Us

We’re products of a broken promise: get an education, work hard, pay your dues, and success will find you. This plan doesn’t work for all of us. It often comes at the expense of our true dreams, our peace of mind, and our happiness. You don’t have to adopt an outdated definition of success if it doesn’t work for you.

We’re on a mission to share a better way. Success is about creating a life that you love, and we have the roadmap. If you’re asking how to create a life that you love, then we’ve got you.


What We Offer You

A New Mindset for a Better Life


Shai presents a personal and engaging keynote or sit down over a fireside chat about her topics: "The New Culture of Success" and "Crafting Your Way to A Happier Life."


Shai can curate your private event to ignite wide open thinking and teach a new mindset for discovering your next adventure. Workshops include presentations on "The New Culture of Success" and "Crafting Your Way to A Happier Life." Shai leads guests in hands-on activities involving music and visual arts.


Shai will perform an acoustic set or a full band show at your conference or private event. Please contact us for more information about a special combination package of services.


The Quit the Firm Join a Band Podcast and videos are available on Spotify and YouTube - COMING SOON!

Why Contact Us?

We Believe Every Person Should Enjoy Their Life.

"When you hate your life, you waste your life. I wasn't satisfied with my career because I was overworked and out of balance."

We Believe That Honesty Is the Key to Everything.

"You were never meant to force yourself to be something your'e not spending a lifetime in pursuit of something you don't even want."

We Help you Turn Your Daydreams Into Reality.

"Dreams come easy because they're free. Goals, consistent effort, and hard work cost you something."

We Help Turn Your Hope Into Progress.

"A wise person once said that hope is not a plan. We agree. Let's put a plan into action."

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to chase what moves you? Are you ready to discover a life and career with more adventure and passion? Are you ready to feel more like the true you? We’d love to come to your conference or private event. Contact us here, and we’ll be happy to reach out to you.

“I’m not into climbing ladders that others created. I’m into staying true to myself and building my own.” Shai Littlejohn

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