Knowing What You Know and Knowing Yourself

I spent the week in Washington DC, still winding down my law practice. I had some wins and losses this week, but the biggest win in my book was realizing the type of person I DO NOT want to be and the type of life I DO NOT want to have. I had a fundamental and decisive shift in awareness. Every human being is created with a full range of possible human emotions both good and bad. Stress and pressure simply forces out the bad ones. We become what we focus on. If we focus on what brings us stress, as opposed to what brings us peace, fulfillment and happiness, then we move farther away from what’s good and simply invite more stress and unhappiness. Our actions then alter how we feel about ourselves and how other people view us. When we fail to stay true to what brings us peace versus what creates strife, we create our own unhappiness.  When we allow ego, money and silly disputes to enter our minds, we lose valuable fun time  and engage in worry and lamentation. Quit the Firm, Join a Band is the mantra. It’s about focusing on what you love, what you need to be happy, and how you are best able to contribute.

See Shai on Jeanette Harris’s Show for Houston Public TV

I was interviewed on Jeanette Harris’s long running show on Houston Public Television about balancing a law practice and a music career.  So nice of them to feature me on the same week they featured Joel Osteen and Beyonce’s mothers! I am grateful for every opportunity to get my music out there. Please watch the link and share it. And if you’re in Houston, watch Choices with Jeanette!

What Do We Want Most?

When Oprah interviewed Carrie Underwood on her Next Chapter series, she asked “What do you want most?” Carrie responded “I want to do things that are beyond singing on stage and making albums…” Carrie, I’m sure, is grateful for the opportunity to achieve her musical dream, but I imagine that her American Idol win and meteoric rise to the top of the charts left her with a feeling years later of “what else can I do that would be fulfilling”? Many of us seek that knowing feeling that we have used all of our talents to make an impact on the world in the WAY we want to make an impact. Carrie may have found that although she has made a huge impact with her voice, she has other talents that she can use. Those ways might not be high profile. When I talk about my own journey, many people ask why I’d leave a successful law practice in Washington to write songs and perform. But it’s a knowing feeling that I seek. I am using different talents and abilities than I did before, and I know that I am making an impact however large or small. I intend to keep doing what I want most: living a grand adventure and creating new possibilities. I love finding like-minded people.

Quit the Firm, Join a Band

It’s my last day visiting my family in Houston. Had such a great time! Heading to DC tomorrow for what will hopefully be my last jury trial ever. Following your dreams is incredibly challenging! I’ve been living between two cities, to work on songwriting and performances, for five years come January! But over those years, I’ve gradually decreased my trial work and grown closer to prioritizing the people and things that bring me joy, fulfillment, and peace – and that’s not jury trials! I think I am about to arrive at a place where I can say ‪#‎whatarelief‬ ‪#‎goodbyetrialwork‬ ‪#‎lowstressisbest‬ Join the movement! My first book Quit the Firm, Join a Band is coming soon! In the meantime, follow the blog. I hope to inspire you to seek and find what brings you the most joy and satisfaction. It’s not about money, it’s about freedom.


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