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I am so excited to announce the August 31 release of my new single Love Theft or Accidents. I call it country pop hip hop. It’s going to hit the club scene for sure. If it doesn’t make you move, then you must not have a groove. So when you hear it, I hope that you’ll love it AND call your local radio stations to request it. See you soon!

I’m Grateful for Cafe Mochas and Car Accidents Avoided.

So I’ve been focusing lately on gratitude and patience (because I’ve been listening to a free Oprah/Deepak series on the topic – I LUV that kind of stuff). So last weekend my boyfriend and I went on a short day trip. He is SOO EXCITED when I play the meditations in the car. Ha ha! Really, he’s not into it at all, but he gets a kick out of my excitement. Well, we had an appointment for a tour of a goat cheese factory that was almost two hours away, and Nashville traffic was backed up. We also hadn’t eaten breakfast, so we decided to get off the highway when we saw a Starbucks sign. Well, of course, it took us 10 minutes to find the Starbucks, and then there was a 10-minute line in the drive through. They were out of bagels! We had coffee but still needed breakfast. So we drove further down the street to an Einstein Brothers bagel shop (10 more minutes), and lo and behold, there was another Starbucks with no line at all. Of course my BF says, “Man that sucks”! I reminded him of the meditation. We should be grateful that we can even afford coffee nowadays.

So with coffee and bagels in hand, we were headed back to the highway entrance when a tiny, frail driver almost ran into my new car (I had to buy a new car last year because a cell-phone talkin’ Chevy Tahoe driver ran into me and totaled my old car). Cool as a cucumber, while holding my tall cafe mocha in my right hand, I palm the steering wheel with my left hand (like they do in rap videos) making a counterclockwise motion to steer us out of harms way. The woman looked embarrassed and apologetic, but I just smiled and waved. I looked over at my BF and said “See, I am grateful for my superb driving skills which allowed us to avoid the accident.” Ask me how many times I bring up that story. LOL We ended up having a perfect day. Gratitude is perspective.